Tenant Page


We hope you enjoy living at Blue Agave Apartments. We hope your new apartment home is just the way you expected it to be. If you need anything, just stop by the office or call us at 884-8279.


Do you know someone looking for a nice place to call “home”? Refer them to Blue Agave Apartments. If they qualify and move in, we will give them $100.00 off their first month’s rent and we will give you $100.00 off your next month’s rent. Tell your friends, co-workers and fellow students about Blue Agave Apartments today!


Need something fixed? Just stop by the office or give us a call. We will issue a work request and schedule your repairs!


The exterminator comes twice a month. If you would like your apartment sprayed, please contact the office.


Living in an apartment has many advantages but remember, we also share walls, floors and ceilings with our neighbors. Please be considerate of your neighbors and keep all noise to a minimum – especially between the hours of 10 pm and 8 am. Thank you.


Thank you for helping to keep the laundry rooms clean for the next person by disposing of lint, dryer sheets, etc. in the trash containers provided. Please be considerate of others by timing your laundry and removing clothes when they are finished washing or drying.


To help with keeping your apartment home comfortable, we recommend cleaning your air conditioner/ heating filter once a month. Just remove the front cover, take out the filter and wash it with soap and warm water. Allow it to dry before replacing it in your air conditioner/heating unit. This will help it cool/heat better and will reduce your monthly electricity bill.


A vacuum cleaner is available for your use – just stop by the office to borrow it. Please remember to empty the bag so it is ready for the next person.


Do you have a new or different vehicle? If so, please stop in the office and give Teri the vehicle information to have on file.